Cyber Security Consulting

How Secure is your Information?

Zelos offers unique cyber security services, including:
Security Engineering, Analytics, and Architecture.

Why Choose Us

The goal of Zelos Cyber Security is to provide affordable, high quality cyber security services to a variety of clients. From home and personal use, to small businesses and to growing companies, our aim is to to provide security solutions throughout RTP, as well as throughout the US and internationally. We can work both on-site and remotely to fulfill clients’ needs.


Engineers will design the best methods to secure information by evaluating individual needs.


Implementation of security protocols through various methodologies from design phase.


Supporting both individual and business users with information security concerns.

Services include

Zelos provides a plethora of cyber security services for individuals and businesses. These services are categorized into three main sections: Engineering, Analytics, and Architecture. Zelos’ services provide an in-depth report with the completion of every project.
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Security Engineers plan and execute an organization's information security strategy by developing a set of security standards and best practices for the organization as well as recommending security enhancements.


Security Analytics ensure that the company’s digital assets are protected from unauthorized access. This is achieved by securing both online and on-premise infrastructures, by filtering through metrics and data for suspicious activity, and by finding and mitigating risks before breaches occur.


Security Architects set, monitor and enforce user policies, protocols, as well as countermeasures. Security architects anticipate the methods used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, thus ensuring these methods are locked down.